About Us

Menowar is normalizing menopause and empowering women to proactively manage the mental, physical, and emotional impacts of menopause and thrive in their second half of life.

About Menowar

Menopause is often misdiagnosed, under-communicated, and under-served. Menowar is changing this by providing information, resources, treatment options, and support for women during their journey. Menowar will:
  • EQUIP you with an understanding of menopause and your biology.
  • EDUCATE you on the options to manage your symptoms and long-term health, including hormone replacement therapy and many other treatments.
  • EMPOWER you to find the best providers and ask them the right questions.
  • ENABLE you to advocate for yourself personally and professionally so others can understand your menopause and provide you with the support that you need.
  • ESTABLISH a community of women in menopause and a safe space to vent, share experiences, and provide insights.

Menowar’s Services

Menowar provides informational events, free Menopause Cafes, coaching, and speaking engagements.

About the Founder

Allison Lewin is the founder of Menowar and a trained Menopause Champion, licensed with the Menopause Experts Group. She is also the San Francisco Bay Area representative for the global nonprofit, Menopause Cafe.

Personal Background

  • Allison is a wife and mother of three grown kids, all in their twenties.
  • She grew up in New York and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 25 years.
  • She loves fitness and the good it does for her body, mind, and soul! 

Professional Background

  • She earned her B.A. and M.B.A. from Duke University.
  • She was an executive leader for 25+ years – primarily in Marketing. 
  • After working corporately for so many years, she decided she wasn’t having fun anymore!
  • She struggled through her own menopause journey, took a left turn, and looked for an opportunity to have more purpose in her life and serve others authentically.
  • And thus, Menowar was born! Allison is the Founder of Menowar and a trained Menopause Champion & Coach, licensed through Menopause Experts Group.

Menowar Menopause Manifesto

As women, starting in puberty, we are mindful of our fertility and the unbelievable ability to create life inside ourselves. A man has one major hormonal event in his lifetime. We women can have over 400 monthly events over our lifetime, and then an average of 7 years in the various stages of menopause. 

  • Throughout our lives, women take care of others. 
  • Our menopausal years are a roller coaster. Sometimes, for the first time in our lives, WE need help! 
  • You deserve to:
    • Know about your body and appreciate the beauty and complexity of it.
    • Be heard and have others understand what you’re going through.
    • Be supported and guided.
    • Understand that life does not end after menopause.
    • Look in the mirror and see the powerful, wise, glorious badass you truly are!
  • Menopause can be challenging, but it is also an opportunity for you to take charge and create your new best self!

Menowar wants to change the way society and women view menopause. We want all women to feel:

  • Comfortable discussing menopause without shame or embarrassment; it is a natural part of our biology and should not be a taboo topic.
  • Prepared for menopause and know what to expect. No one should be surprised by the symptoms, think that they are going crazy, or that have a disease. 
  • Heard and not alone – you can be part of an empathetic community. 
  • Educated regarding therapy options and equipped to ask informed questions of doctors and other care providers. 
  • Equipped to communicate with others what is going on during their menopause – loved ones, business associates, or friends – so they can understand and support you.
  • Empowered to positively manage menopause, come out the other side in a positive space, and thrive in their 2nd half of life.

You can be in control of your destiny vs. having hormones control you!

About the Menowar Name

The brand name “Menowar” was chosen because of the parallels between women during menopause and the beautiful and powerful characteristics of the Portuguese Man ‘O War marine animal.

The Portuguese Man ‘O War is colorful, and light can shine through its transparent body.
Women can evolve into beautiful new versions of themselves, with a bright light towards the future.
The animal’s body has gas-filled bladders that enable them to sail smoothly across the water.
Menowar can provide you with the information, resources, and tools to sail positively into mid-life.
The sea creature has a unique reproductive process.
Women’s fertility journey ends during menopause – but you can have a renewed sense of purpose & fulfillment.
The marine animal has tentacles it uses to sting prey and protect itself.
Menowar can give you the confidence to be your own advocate for yourself to optimize your menopause journey.

About Our Values


We endeavor for congruency between our actions and morals, act without ego and with vulnerability, and seek feedback to become the best individuals we can be.


We share our truths, even when it’s hard or embarrassing. We are honest and direct with ourselves, and accountable for our successes, failures, and commitments.


We are high-energy, “all in,” drive hard, and dig deep when there’s something or someone we care about.


We strive to spread brightness, assume positive intent, and practice gratitude - even on tough days, as that’s when it is needed most.


We offer our hearts without expectations, act with grace, and forgive and forget. We are mindful to be kind and patient with ourselves.


We treat others with respect, listen to different perspectives, and are mindful of the impact of our actions on others.


Life can be hard and is fraught with uncertainty, but we face it with courage, knowing that growth happens outside of our comfort zones