Thriving Through Menopause.

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Menowar is normalizing menopause and empowering women to proactively manage the mental, physical, and emotional impacts of menopause and thrive in their second half of life.

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You Are Not Alone!

Throughout our lives, we women take care of others. Our menopausal years are a roller coaster. Sometimes, for the first time in our lives, WE need help! You deserve to:

Finally the “M” Word Goes Public!

It’s time to take control of your menopause!


of the U.S. population will go through menopause; there are 75M American women in a stage of menopause.


of a woman’s life can be spent in postmenopause.


of women endure symptoms of menopause.


indicate that their symptoms interfere with their quality of life.


are experiencing, but not currently treating, their menopause symptoms.


of the U.S. workforce is composed of women in menopause; symptoms cause $1.8B in lost work time.

How Menowar Can Help

Menopause is often misdiagnosed, under-communicated, and under-served. Menowar is changing this phenomenon by providing information, resources, treatment options, and support for women during their journey. Menowar will:

EQUIP you with an understanding of menopause and your biology.

EDUCATE you on the options to manage your symptoms and long-term health, including hormone replacement therapy and many other treatments.
EMPOWER you to find the best providers and ask them the right questions.
ENABLE you to advocate for yourself personally and professionally so others can understand your menopause and provide you with the support that you need.

ESTABLISH a community of women in menopause and a safe space to vent, share experiences, and provide insights.


Coaching is offered for individuals, couples, small groups, and corporate needs and speaking engagements can be customized to your needs. Please schedule a free consultation to discuss options.


For individuals, couples, small groups, and corporate needs. Schedule a free consultation to explore available services and determine whether Menowar is a good fit.


Menowar provides Menopause informational Sessions and FREE Menopause Cafes. Allison Lewin is the official San Francisco Bay Area representative for the nonprofit, Menopause Café.

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